14 May 2018 avs

Natixis Investment Forum 2018

The Natixis Investment Forum 2018 took place on Wednesday 9th May 2018 at the Art Point Hall of the Superstudio Group in Via Tortona 27, Milan.
At this meeting of the research experts of Natixis Investment Institute and the Portfolio Research & Consulting Group, AVS Group was chosen as the official partner of the company Triumph Italy S.r.l. for the entire audiovisual, lighting and scenographic setup.
Specifically, a 34 sqm 3.75 mm pixel pitch curved LEDwall screen has been installed with a load-bearing structure on a 13 sq m elliptical stage, with side panels with specific graphics.
Lighting system has been placed on 36 meters of American LiteQ composed of 10 shapers Robert Juliat – SX 613T, 6 Profile Robe DL4S, 16 LED Wash Robe Robin 600 and 18 LED Beam Robe Spikie. The play of lights was made using the Vista S1 console.
The audio system installed was RCF NXL24 – SUB 8006 and Evox8 system and a DIGICo audio digital mixer for the management of 10 Sennheiser wireless microphones.
The AnalogWay NeXtage switcher and the Vertige console were used for airing of video sources, as well as various I-MacPro 27. In addition, a Panasonic three – video camera control room was set up. The 12-meter desk control room also hosted a simultaneous 1-language translation booth and 300 headphones have been distributed.
Lastly, 430 chairs were placed, 6 branded welcome desks, podium and backstage area.