Live Streaming Events

AVS Group offers a last generation service for Live Streaming and Broadcast events.
The Lu500 unit, with a start-up time less than one minute and HD video quality, is the perfect device for journalists and broadcasters that transmit events rapidly evolving for conferences requiring a remote interaction with the other parties, for live presentations of new brands and products.

AVS Group has a CDN with a dedicated web channel for web live streaming.
It is also possible to send the streaming signal to others CDN , Web TV and TV Channels.

Not Live Events now

Service advantages

  • Contents distribution on PC, Tablet, Smartphone connected to internet
  • Maximum of quality and video definition up to Full HD
  • Configuration service routing to any CDN
  • Installation and setup of the architecture of streaming video
Personalization of bought space according to the needs :

  • Number of concurrent users
  • Quality of service (bitrate)
  • Service time