17 October 2019 Admin

Le IENE show 2019/2020

Tremble, tremble! #LeIENEshow are back! A new season of investigations and services of the most uncomfortable reporters of #Mediaset has started since October 1st on #Italia1 and will be broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.15 pm.
The studio format comes to life thanks to the 6 Panasonic 21K beamers installed by #AVSGroup, that projected the big smile and hug of the #guerriera #NadiaToffa in prime time.
Excellent results were also achieved by the trio Nina Palmieri, Roberta Rei and Veronica Ruggeri seated at the desk made of #LEDwall with 2.5 pixel pitch, dedicated to the program’s specials and consisting of 16 sharp edged tiles.
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