Led Screen

ESDLUMEN Pixel Pitch 2.5mm
Matt Black SMD 3in1 Indoor
Dimension of tile cm 48×48
ESDLUMEN Pixel Pitch 3.75mm
Mini Indoor MN37S
Dimension of tile cm 48×48
ACRONN Pixel Pitch 5mm
AirLED Indoor
Dimension of tile cm 50×50
  BARCO Pixel Pitch 6mm
Black Indoor
Dimension of tile 44,8×50,4
  ACRONN Pixel Pitch 8.9mm
Ultrawave Indoor/Outdoor for curved o convex screens
Dimension of tile cm 50×100 e 50×50
  ACRONN Pixel Pitch 12.5mm
Rollable Curtain Indoor/Outdoor
Dimension of tile cm 120×30
  ACRONN Pixel Pitch 18.75mm
Curtain Strip Indoor/Outdoor
Dimension on tile cm 60×60


DLP Beamers 18K e 30K Full HD
Christie-LCD-3500 Christie
LCD Beamers 3500/5200/6500/10000 A/L
DLP Beamers 3500/7700/8700/10000 A/L
Full HD 3D

Mixing consolles and processors

Coolux Server
Quad View Pandoras Box
dataton-watchout Dataton
Whatchout Multi screen software
Analog Way
Graphic mixer DiVentix
Analog Way
Switcher NeXtage 16
Consolle Vertige

Live Streaming Video Broadcast

Compact size
Extraordinary features

Creative design from the South