Brilliant intuition to excite

AVS Group provides video solutions for conventions, sport, musical and theatrical events, fashion show, product launch e for any other kind of event.

Video solution for small and large events, shooting with digital cameras Full HD, Live Streaming, projection with beamers until 4K, show controllers as graphic mixer Analog Way Di-VentiX, Vertige VRC 300 Console, the new platform NeXtage and Pandoras Box server.

For the most spectacular events AVS Group also recommend a Led screen indoor 4K. With a 4K real resolution (3.840×2.112 Pixel) and dimension mt. 9,60 x 5,28 (50,7 sqm) this screen is the top of the today visual quality for the mixture of resolution, brightness and contrast. The screen is composed by 220 tiles of 2.5mm Led double black (Eastar Mini Series).