Sanremo 2016 – 66° Festival della Canzone Italiana

Sanremo Festival is one of the most important media event in Italy with a wide appeal also abroad since is broadcasted live in Eurovision and during every edition there are a lot of debates and polemics. This year will take place the 66° edition.

Carlo Conti, host also for this year edition, explain the 2016 festival philosophy: “Last year I’ve prepared a mix with many musical flavours, for this year I’m thinking about a mosaic with several tiles of different colours. Of course there is also the frame of the mosaic because also the most beautiful paintings need the appropriate frame. This year I’m trying to floor the audience so to compensate for my ugliness on the stage there will be Gabriel Garko, we will have also Virginia Raffaele’s beauty and intelligence and in the end also the youth freshness of Madalina Ghenea. We will enjoy in a different way but anyway the password will be to have fun”.

For this relevant event AVS Group has won the tender for the video technologies addressed to the scenic design and our technicians are now at Ariston Theater for the set up of all video technologies requested, that are:

  • 35 square meters of LED 10mm
  • 40 square meters of rollable LED 12mm
  • 40 square meters of rollable LED 10mm
  • 55 square meters of LED 8mm
  • 56 square meters of LED “scenoluminoso”
  • 36 monitor NEC 46″
  • 4 workstations Catalyst V5
  • monitors and service screens

Creative design from the South