31 July 2017 Olga Onuchina

Giornate del Cinema: Maratea International Award 2017

From July 25th to 29th, Maratea hosted the prestigious “Giornate del Cinema Lucano – Maratea International Award 2017″.

The event was characterized by illustrious guests, debates, projections and workshops. A great initiative through which the Lucana Film Commission, producer of the show, offers the opportunity for so many talented young film-makers of this land to meet with illustrious actors and directors to develop future collaborations.

Among the guests: Christian De Sica, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Valerio Mastandrea, Sergio Castellitto, Margaret Mazzantini, Valeria Golino, Carolina Crescentini e Ambra Angiolini.

AVS Group has provided led technology by setting a led screen Acronn 5mm on the main stage.